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About project

The background of the project reflects the intention of our school to reshape the further education of our teaching staff. Our first priority is to optimize and improve the general and vocational education within the foreign language sector. 

A team of five ESL teachers is to mediate the knowledge and expertise achieved through the further training to the entire language teaching staff. One of the major goals is to present the English language as we use it in situations in the job and in daily life. 

Furthermore, the team can enlarge its methodical skills by adding teaching methods commonly used in English-speaking countries.

Moreover the colleague teaching technical subjects will inform his colleagues about his course to convince more of our staff to join and support further mobility projects. The target is to improve key skills and competences highly relevant for today's job market.


The participating team of teachers is 38 to 52 years old. Two of these colleagues originate from other EU member countries (Poland and Greece). All participants are willing to apply their experience and capacities actively in order to broaden their horizons. Moreover, all English teachers have already gathered experience in last year's mobility project and want to further imporve their teaching skills as well as general key skills and competences.


Three of our colleagues are actively involved in planning and conducting student exchange programs between our college and colleges in France and Poland. They are also involved in the process of the Europass-mobility.

Moreover, all the participating English teachers are engaged in carrying out exams of KMK language certificates in English which regularly take place at our college and which are accredited by the German Conference of the Ministers of Education (KMK).